CITYarts Brings Students to Visit Lichtenstein

CITYart brought underserved students from the Hamilton Grange School in Harlem and the MLK School to visit Roy Lichtenstein’s recreated “Greene Street Mural” at the Gagosian Gallery. The Mural is a recreation of Lichtenstein’s original mural that appeared at the Castelli Gallery in 1983. Students sketched drawings inspired by the mural to create murals at their own schools in collaboration with professional artist Sean Carlson, who was at the gallery to guide them in the sketching process.

Food and Wine Festival

CITYarts painted two murals at this year’s New York City Wine and Food Festival on Friday, October 16th. The murals painted by artists Richard Cabral, Todd Minguel, Peter Ziemkiewicsz, and Charles Jean-Pierre, are based on food and will highlight CITY arts desire to stop world hunger.

CITYarts Paddle 8 Auction

CITYarts paddle 8 auction was featured in their Newletter this week. You can take a look at our items here,
CITYarts Auction.

Young Collectors Club

A curated Exhibition Tour and Studio Visit with art collector and connoisseur Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz and CITYarts Executive and Creative Director Tsipi Ben-Haim.

When: December 15th 6:30 – 8:30pm.
Where: Lazzoni SoHo, 26 Green St.