Global HeARTwarming program celebrates nature and raises awareness about the speed of climate change by inspiring youth to voice their ideas about climate change. Workshops and mural projects inspire youth to encourage change in their families and community, impacting a difference on a global level.

Current Projects

Thinking Beyond The Stars,
Hamilton Grange Middle School, Harlem New York. 2016-2017.

– Create a public mural in Hamilton Grange that focus on global environmental issues from the perspective of space.
– Encourages youth to think beyond the stars

Garden Playground, Brooklyn New York. Summer 2017.

CITYarts will produce and create its #318th public mural in collaboration with local youth, professional artists, volunteers and residents in the community. This mural will celebrate nature, raise awareness to the speed of climate change, and draw attention to sustainability through the format of storytelling.

Growing Together,
The High School for Law, Advocacy, and Community Justice, New York. 2016-2017.

Create public murals in LACJ that focus on themes of environmental justice, sustainability, and the speed of climate change.

Always in Bloom,
The Urban Assembly for Green Careers, New York. 2017-2018.

CITYarts will produce and create a mural in a community garden in collaboration with Urban Assembly for Green Careers High School, professional artists, and the local community to celebrate nature, sustainability, and raise awareness to the speed of climate change.