Alice on the Wall Restoration
(Manhattan - 2012)

Community Identity Archive

In 2002, Alice On the Wall was created two blocks away from Ground Zero in collaboration with over 100 students from Stuyvesant High School, the Washington Market Community, and professional artist Natalia Zukerman. While the mural had been planned prior to September 11th, consideration was given to the emotional and physical connection of the school to the tragic events in lower Manhattan through a series of discussions and workshops. The students expressed their feelings and ideas through drawings, poems, and paintings. The mural itself is a reflection of the ability to dream and believe in peace despite acts of violence. In Alice On the Wall, the title character explores the Manhattan cityscape, learns about Wall Street, and discovers the city’s treasured sites. During her adventures in New York, the scenes from Alice in Wonderland come to life. In the Spring and Summer of 2012, CITYarts began restoring Alice On the Wall by repainting chipped areas and redesigning larger areas of the mural that were beyond repair. Before we could finish our restoration in the Fall of 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, submerging the mural under three feet of water. CITYarts is currently continuing the restoration/re-creation of Alice On the Wall with a new generation of students from Stuyvesant High School and planning a new section of the mural on the wall surrounding Washington Market Park.