CITYarts Peace Wall In Berlin


A few years ago I was getting bitter and cynical about world problems and I began looking for something to connect with beyond my four studio walls.  I started thinking about how I could combine my two loves, art and children, in a meaningful way.  Serendipity supervened and I met Tsipi.  Three months later, I found myself in Berlin celebrating the ribbon cutting for the CITYarts Peace Wall!  I met the students, teachers and artists who over the past year had created the most beautiful mosaic I had ever seen.  The children glowed with happiness and pride as they sang songs, gave testimonials and reflected the glory of the Wall.  I heard the stories of their experiences and as one boy proudly said, “You had the Berlin war wall, we have the World peace wall!”  I saw the understanding in their eyes, that through this project they found community pride and spirit and also found a voice of their own they never knew they had.  School kids are used to getting praised for good grades and excelling in sports, but to feel a spiritual growth within community and a connection to creativity, many, for the 1st time, this is very powerful!  I saw the effect first hand and I believe it will be a life-long-learning experience for the children.  It was a ripple effect, spreading and producing further effects into their world.  You see, CITYarts is a dynamic thing.  We are constantly growing, evolving, and being updated as changes affect our world and our children.  We will continue to make a huge difference in so many ways.


Cheryl Wolf – Secretary, CITYarts Board of Directors