Mother Earth At Hamilton Grange Middle School
(Manhattan - 2016/2017)

Kids for Justice Archive

The students of The Hamilton Grange School need to feel at home in their new space, a public middle school that opened its doors in September 2014 to a class of 6th graders in Harlem, New York. CITYarts’ project will start off impacting approximately 70 at-risk boys and girls in The Hamilton Grange School’s newly founded 6th grade class.  The project will include art education workshops, the restoration of CITYarts’ first peace wall in the middle school’s backyard in Jacob H. Schiff Park, and the creation of a mural inside The Hamilton Grange School. The development and creation of a mural in Hamilton Grange will reinvigorate and transform the school into a home and create a safe space where students spend most of their days. CITYarts will bring a local professional artist and decades of experience in art education and community- and youth-based public art to The Hamilton Grange School, reaching at-risk youth from low-income communities in Harlem, New York. 84% of Hamilton Grange students qualify for free lunch, 92% for free or reduced price lunch, 45% of students are English Language Learners (ELL), 5% are former ELL, 27% are classified as Students with Disabilities, and 10% are currently overage.