Fresh Air Fund
(Manhattan - 2008)

Global Heartwarming Archive

The Fresh Air Fund and CITYarts, two non-profit organizations, teamed up on Saturday, December 13, 2008, for a special day at The American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  Sixteen (16) Fresh Air Fund participants (ages 14-17) met on a cold fall/winter morning to experience the “Climate Change” exhibit at the Museum.  They were met with a museum Education Guide who gave them an extensive, detailed tour of the new exhibit.  The interactive stations and the personal education guide created a unique and experiential way to learn about climate change.  The Fresh Air Fund members were encouraged to ask questions and learned how they have personally contributed to global warming.  There were many discussions about recycling, the environment, and the global impact of being “green”.  Overall, the participants were very concerned about how they could make a difference for the future of the Earth.


After the museum visit, the Fresh Air Fund staff, Cityarts artists, and the participants all traveled to The Fresh Air Fund’s main office to get started on their individual artistic pieces. The participants were encouraged to create art about what they learned, how they felt, and most importantly, ways to help/eliminate the world’s climate problems. This was a great way for the young participants to show how they could all lend a hand to a problem the world must work to change.