Inspired By the Stars
(Manhattan - 2015)

Global Heartwarming Archive

CITYarts, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, and NASA will work with the Chelsea Recreation Center and local disadvantaged youth in workshops with the final goal of creating a large scale outdoor mural. Global HeART Warming is an environmental arts project designed to engage, inform and empower young people to ask: “What can I do to help combat global warming?” CITYarts’ Gobal HeARTwarming program interprets scientific concepts through an artistic, cross-disciplinary lens.


CITYarts’ Global HeARTwarming project will include 2 primary components: a series of art/ creative science workshops and the creation of a large public mural. All components will be led by local professional artists chosen by CITYarts’ Artist Selection Committee. The Selection Committee, composed of CITYarts Director, advisors, artists, and project collaborators, will evaluate candidates based on their experience as both an artist and educator.


The themes of the murals will focus on peace building through education for all and care for our environment. There are millions of young people around the world for whom the right to education and a peaceful, healthy, natural environment is not realized. The creation of these murals will help in bringing school children of our city to the discussion on how we can work both independently and collaboratively toward building bridges to peace. These completed murals will provide communities with an awareness of peace, giving the viewer a renewed impetus to action on behalf of the cause of peace.