Israel Peace Wall
(Israel - 2010)

Young Minds Build Bridges

CITYarts New York continues its program Young Minds Build Bridges by spreading Pieces for Peace youth voices around the world in their quest to work together for peace. Please become a piece of this puzzle.

Thinking globally and acting locally, we propose to continue our global outreach for youth to become active and do good in the world by creating CITYarts’ 4th Peace Wall in Israel, following the 1st in Harlem, New York; the 2nd in Karachi, Pakistan; and the 3rd in Munich, Germany. It will bring together the Arab and Jewish Israeli youth living in Tel Aviv-Yafo in the Ajami/Gabalia neighborhood to create a mosaic wall based on their ideas and dreams. While they explore working and living together in peace in their country, they will be connected to global youth and their voices for peace.



Under the direction of two artists,Yoav Weiss and Salma Shehade, one Jewish and one Arab, 50 workshops took place in Tel Aviv-Yafo. This work took place at the home base of the after school programs – at the schools, the Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Yafo, the Peres Center for Peace, and other locations.

The main question asked in these workshops was, “What does peace look like to me?” The discussions led to the creation of the individual 15.24 cm x 15.24 cm pieces. These pieces will be displayed in several prominent places exhibiting the collaboration in process, through photos, paintings, and video documentation.


The Wall

The works created then influenced the maquette that was created by the two artists with final input of our leading collaborators and CITYarts’ Executive & Artistic Director.

The maquette was then transferred onto the wall in Ajami/Gabalia with the full collaboration of the neighborhood youth and the workshop participants through our educational partners. During this time, we also worked with the participants to create a neighborhood garden with The Council for a Beautiful Israel. We will create a Leadership Club, lead by the Tabeetha School, to be in charge of the maintenance and care of the wall.


Time Table

January – March, 2010:            Information Session Meetings

March – April, 2010:                  Workshops take place   

May – December, 2010:           Work on the wall

July – December 2010:              Work in a neighborhood garden being worked on by residents

April 2011:                                     Ribbon Cutting Ceremony where we will unveil the plaque on the wall crediting all             participants and sponsors



The budget for the Peace Wall is $60,000, which will include production costs, artists’ fees, materials, media outreach, insurance, documentation, maintenance, etc. To date, $45,000 has been raised and $15,000 is still needed.


Sponsorship Opportunities

The sponsor will be acknowledged at all sites where workshop artworks will be displayed, such as the Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa. A plaque bearing the name of the sponsor will be installed at the Peace Wall. Sponsorship will be cited on the CITYarts website, on project cards, and in press announcements. T-shirts with the sponsor’s name and logo will be worn by volunteers at the site, if produced. CITYarts will collaborate with the sponsor’s corporate communications department to promote the public dedication ceremony.