The Sexual Assault Awareness Mural


The Sexual Assault Awareness mural is a very special project that I hope will continue, and of which I am honored to have been a part.

Creating relationships with the young people, especially while creating art about broken or abusive relationships, was perhaps one of my favorite aspects of this process. The staff member from La Isla El Barrio obviously loves her students deeply, and she contributed poetry and support throughout this project. Representatives of the DYCD kept our rhythm moving with humor and participation in every activity.


In one session, while students were coming up with new submission ideas, one student shared her sketchbooks with me. I was very impressed by her daily dedication to drawing, as well as her willingness to be vulnerable and receive constructive criticism, which is not easy at any age. While she was sharing her work, another young lady was lecturing my assistant Conr on where to get the best burrito in the city, and they swapped stories about spicy food. In that instance of making community art, two young ladies made positive connections with adults – one with another female to advance her craft, and one with a male out of common ground and friendship.


In other words, we created positive vibes that transcended age and gender. That is why, in the end, with such a sad and difficult topic, we hope that the mural is in the end positive. We can be a stronger, kinder community.

– Brooke Borg, Artist