Cheryl Qian

A¬†sophomore at Stuyvesant High School. I began experimenting with art when I was a kid, and eventually it developed into a full time passion. Art is a fundamental part of my life, and I’ve been able to get in touch with many opportunities because of it. CITYarts was one of those opportunties, it allowed me to interact with more artists in my community and gain experience in creating large-scale projects.

Christine Jegarl

My name is Christine Jegarl and I am currently a junior at Stuyvesant High School! As a child I always held an interest in art and my parents saw talent in me ever since I was young. Since then I attended art classes every week, until the busy work of high school prevented me from doing so. However, CITYarts became a way for me to spare time in making art and doing what I love.


Kaitlyn Quach

Born and raised in New York City, Kaitlyn spent most of her childhood doodling in the margins of her notebook. As she grew older, she began to understand how the art she was so passionate about could connect to the world around her (and vice versa). Her major goal in life is now to influence people and spark deeper thought through her own artwork.

Kitty Kan

A¬†senior art major at LaGuardia Arts High School. She enjoys bringing the arts to her community and has created posters and videos to promote her local library. Recently, she participated in CITYart’s Upper West Side Story to design and create banners for small businesses such as Peacefood Cafe.


Sagrey Chisim Turjo

Sagrey Chisim Turjo is a freshman from New York City College of Technology. He is studying Computer Science. Coming from a country called Bangladesh, he has graduated High School in 2 years from High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice in June, 2016. He is passionate about Photography, Art and Computer Science.